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Region Name
16 3
Lani @
by Lani Global
Simulator Last seen Online : Today at 13:23 H
Lani region futuristic Sci Fi Space, dune inspired planets... Beware of Giant SpiceWorms! Secret order of mystics controlling DNA universe. Open to all visitors & RP characters. LANI GLOBAL STORE - Freebies, Clothes, Elegant Style, freebie, avatar, Magic
 Arts & Culture  Fantasy  Freebie Shopping  Gaming  Hangout  Parks & Nature  Residential  Sci-Fi Region
8 + 1 2
Festa 24H @
by Fernando Oliveira
Simulator Last seen Online : Today at 07:43 H
Freebies shopping mall
 Freebie Shopping  Hangout  Residential
1 + 1 1
by Akira Sonoda
Simulator Last seen Online : Today at 09:16 H
Kleine Einkaufsstrasse im Stil einer Kleinstadt in Deutschland gehalten. Hier koennen sich Neulinge im OSgrid schon mal mit Kleidern und Accessoires ausstatten. Fuer Verkaeufer besteht auch die Moeglichkeit eien kleinen Shop gratis zu beziehen.
 Business  Freebie Shopping  Hangout
13 + 1 1
Sandbox 48H Oliveira @
by Fernando Oliveira
Simulator Last seen Online : 3 days ago
1 + 2 2
Red Dragon Nite Club @
by Foxx Bode
Simulator Last seen Online : 4 days ago
-* Red Dragon Nite Club *- One of the biggest club builds in the metaverse. 18 regions, Open every weekend. Started in SL in 2007, moved to OSGrid in 2010. It has various shops, art gallery's, cinema's and loads of club builds. More info at
 3  42
Redeemed @
by Pastor Dan
Simulator Last seen Online : 14 days ago